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Notre Dame School, Vasai is a Catholic institution founded in June, 2004. Notre Dame School Prepares students for the CBSE Examinations (Central Board of Secondary Education - All India). English is the medium of instruction. Marathi and Hindi are taught as second and third languages..

Education at Notre Dame School has for its aim to train young people for unselfish leadership, so that the students educated at Notre Dame will be able to:

Change the Oppressive structures of society by standing for justice and human rights.

Direct their lives to God in faith and to assist their fellow citizens in directing their lives to God, by helping, healing, reconciling, and taking a firm stand on moral principles of honesty, integrity, hard work and freedom.

To guide the students to develop those values that not only enrich their personality but which will help bring about a change in the present set-up of society where there will be equality and justice for all. Therefore the following values re of prime importance.

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