Notre Dame School Tarkhad

Academic Values

Acquisition of knowledge and sharpening of memory, speed and accuracy.

Acquisition of the following skills: observing, recording, quoting, illustrating, demonstrating, analyzing, outlining, summarizing, integrating, evaluating and criticizing

Power of expression through speaking, writing and acting: debates, dramatics, elocution, extemporaneous speeches, dances, music, creative writing and artistic expression.

Notre Dame School Tarkhad

An on-going quest for knowledge that will last throughout his/her life.

An inner discernment which guides him/her to choose the correct values even when there is an opposition between home and school training or between society and school

Physical exercise, sports and athletic skills which help him/ her develop a sound mind in a sound body..

A quality education requires quality educators. The staff members are expected to live all the foresaid values and exemplify them as they nurture these in themselves as well as the children entrusted to them. They should provide a thorough education which integrates Christian values with all areas of knowledge and culture in order to form persons who, as responsible members of society, will exercise their influence for the transformation of the world.