Handwriting Competition & Card Making Competition-16 th July & 25 th July 2018

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July 16th: Handwriting Competition

Handwriting is a spiritual designing, even though it appears by means of a material instrument.
Handwriting is a part of our identity and an essential tool for communication. The process of handwriting promotes clear thought and natural structure. Beautiful and neat handwriting is a skill.
Notre Dame School organized a Handwriting Competition on 16th July, 2018 for the students of grade 5th to 7th. It was conducted in their respective classrooms. All the students actively participated. Every student was encouraged to present his /her best handwriting to develop good penmenship.   The handwriting was judged on the basis of specific criteria such as neatness, formation , space , spelling errors and clarity. All the students made an attempt to showcase their handwriting skills. All the participants did well. The best three handwritings were selected from each class. The students were motivated and enjoyed the competition

July 25th : Parents Day Card Making
Parents’ Day Card Making was held in the school on 25th July 2018. Children of all the standards participated in the card making activity. The pre-primary students did palm printing and sticking button on the card and were helped by their teacher for making cards. They were also taught lovely songs by their teachers to sing for their parents.
The Primary , Middle school and Secondary section students had bought various decorative items from home to decorate their Parents Day Card. They wrote many heart touching messages for their parents. The children came up with various creative ideas to make the best card for their parents.