Hindi Poem Recitation Competition- 23rd August 2018

Hindi Poem Recitation Competition 23rd August 2018
            The National language of India (Rashtrabhasha) is Hindi, so keeping this in mind on Thursday 23rd August 2018; the primary section had arranged a Hindi poem recitation competition. Beauty is the realm of the poetry; the children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. The children got an opportunity to exhibit this talent and confidence.
            Sr.Mary Jayanti and Mrs.Khusbhu Jaiswal were present as the judges for the competition .They appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants. The judging was done on the basis of clarity of lyrics,memory,body language, voice modulation etc. There was great enthusiasm shown by the students who were participating and also by students listening to the poem children enjoyed the competition.
The winners of the competition are listed below:
Std :-   I                                                                                   Std. :- II
1.     Vivan Vartak                                              1. Pranshi Dangi
2.     Fleur Aguiar                                               2. Om Ballal
Soham Mhatre
3.     Siya Maharao                                             3. Kush khanolkar
Consolation                                               Consolation
Riya Bhanushali                                         Nicole D’mello
                                                                   Rianne Almeida
Std :- III                                                      Std : IV
1.     Levin Carvalho                            1. Amodini Arul
Caidan Hsiung                                           Merciana Gonsalves
2.     Jace Machado                               2. Om Mhatre
Elvira D’souza                                       3. Anaya Pereira
3.     Brice Chaudhari
Consolation                                 Consolation
Syona Carvalho                           Era Salvi
Senora D’souza