Hindi Story Speech & Extempore competition- 28th August 2018

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Hindi Story Speech & Extempore competition- 28th August 2018
          Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, stated that Hindi is the national language. Many people in India speak Hindi.
          So keeping this in mind on 28th& 29thAugust 2018 the secondary section conducted a Hindi story, speech and extempore competition.
          Mrs. Khushbu Jaiswal welcomed the students from classes 5th to 10th and the students spoke with confidence. The aim of the event was emphasize the creative aptitude of the students and create interest in the language among people.
          Mrs. Sibal Furtado, Mrs.BabitaJaiswal &Mrs. Blossy Lemos were the judges for the competition. They appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants. The selection of the students was based on body language, memory and voice modulation.
          There was great enthusiasm shown by the students who were participating. Children enjoyed the competition.