Extempore Competition- 14th August,2018

August 14th: Extempore Competition for classes VI to VII
Notre Dame School plans various activities to cater to the all round development of students. Students are provided scope to showcase long hidden, talents. Extempore competition was held on 13th August 2018 for classes VI to VII. The participants were judged on the basis of confidence, fluency, and relevance to the topic, body language and overall impact. The participants delivered their speeches with confidence. To judge the competition of classes VI to VII Mrs. Mariam Aggarwal and Tr. Criseda were invited.
Sidhay Raut                    VI A                     1. Troy Nunes                VII A
2.     Bruce Andrandes            VI B                     3. Stenin Peechatt         VII A
August 14th: Extempore Competition for classes VIII, IX & X
On the 14th of August 2018, class VIII had a ‘Just-a-minute’ competition while classes IX and X had an ‘Extempore Competition’. The Just-a-minute competition had 3rd rounds an individual round, a group round for a conversation. The winners of the individual round were
First place – Cian Buthelo – VIII B
Second place - Rion Pattar – VIII B
Third place – Bethel Coelho – VIII A
After totaling the points the group rounds, group 2nd from class VIII B won the prize. The students were Rion Pattar, Harshali Patil and Ananya Chaphekar. 
Classes IX and X had an extempore competition. The students were given 5 minutes to prepare themselves and they spoke for 2 minutes. The winners of class IX were
First place – Twinkle D’mello
Second place – Angela Sequeira
Third place – Sara Vartak and Sujal Almeida
The winners of class X were
First place – Ishita Agarwal
Second place – Adwait Barde
Third place – Ayesha Xavier
The topics that they spoke on were ‘proverbs’ and ‘current issues’. The judges of this competition were Sr. Aneeta and Sr. Jayanti. The students spoke with great confidence and skill. Sr. Aneeta congratulated all the participants and appreciated their efforts. The audience (students of classes VIII , IX and X) left the hall with the message that reading is an important part of learning the language and being able to express oneself.