Principal Day 18th JANUARY 2019

Principal Day 18th JANUARY 2019
Aye…. Aye…. Captain…
The sun was shining; the skies were clear as the crew on cruise NDS celebrated Principal’s Day with their captain Sr.Mary Chetana, on board, on the 18th January 2019.
She was escorted to her ship NDS by her junior crew dressed in white and accompanied by Sr.Jayanti and the senior officers. (Staff Members)
There was a prayer service, followed by entertainment and the address read by Samuella Gonsalves. A token of gratitude was presented to her by the students. Sounds of cheer echoed on the fields of Notre Dame School.As she addressed her crew of applause filled the air. It was indeed on enjoyable voyage hosted by officers Liz and Christen. God bless, Sr.Chetana our leader our guide our pride.