Instrumental Competition

Instrumental Competition: 22nd July 2019
“Music is life that’s why our Hearts have Beats”
On the 22nd July 2019, Instrumental competition was held at Notre Dame School. The Students were prepared to mesmerize the school with their music compositions. The competition was judged by two judges Mr. Macklin Britto and Sr. Mary Shylaja, S.N.D. Students from all the classes participated in the competition and showed their talent. They played various instruments like, Keyboard, Guitar, Bongo and Violin.
The winners of the Competition were:
First Category (Class 4-6)
1st   Senona Raphel – V B
2nd Precia Menezes – VI B
3rd Christian Colaco – IV B
Second Category (Class 7-10)
1st Christian Hsuing - X B
2nd Raina raphel – IX B
3rd Chris D’mello – VIII A
Consolation Prizes
1.    Pretz Menezes – IX B
2.    Samuel Kachiple – X A
3.    Shreya Shinde – VII B