FIT INDIA SCHOOL WEEK ( 25 Nov 2019 to 30 Nov 2019)

Day 1

Notre Dame School organized mass yoga demonstration for the students reminding them the importance of ‘yoga in daily life’. Mrs. Vijaya Rumao the P.T. instructor spoke on the importance of Yoga Day and trained the students.Yoga display was performed by the students using different asanas demonstrated under the guidance of Mrs. Vijaya Rumao. It was a rejuvenating experience for all.

Further there was a lecture given on Fitness and Nutrition for all students and a Class Canteen was conducted for students to develop healthy eating habits.They vowed to bring healthy tiffins for their breaks.

Day 2

Notre Dame School organized Free Hand Exercises for the students; this reminds them the importance of ‘daily exercises’. Mrs. Vijaya Rumao the P.T. instructor conducted the exercises for the students. The students were thrilled to learn new exercises. There was a talk given on Mental Fitness for all students.

Day 3

Notre Dame School organized Poster making competition for the students on the theme “ Fit Body- Fit Mind- Fit Environment”. The students were excited with the ideas of fitness and worked towards making the school aware of the fitness required to live a healthy life.