Children's Day 14th November, 2019

The students of Notre Dame flitted in through the school gate like beautiful butterflies in their colourful attire to celebrate Children's Day on the 14th of November, 2019.
There was laughter and excitement all around. The management and staff organised a scintillating programme which brought smiles to every child's face.
The theme of the programme was you are the rainbows of our live.
It began with a prayer service - hymns, a reading from the Bible and petitions. This was followed by an entertainment programme. The teachers wished the children through music, the grounds were filled with merriment and cheers as the teachers danced and music filled the air as the orchestra came on stage. The students were invited on stage with a lucky draw to participate in mini games n gifts were given. The Principal, Sr. Shylaja addressed the children and a student council member expressed his gratitude to the teachers on behalf of the students. The students then moved to their classrooms where they were given a treat and a book mark.

The day was definitely sunshine filled one for each child at Notre Dame.