Sports Day Secondary 14 December, 2019




Sports Day at Notre Dame School 2019-20 (Day 2)

As the sun rays brightened up Notre Dame School ground the sounds of excitement of students welcomed the senior sports meet on the second day of Sports Day.

The four squads were in position once again on the 14th of December, 2019. The chief guest of the morning was Mrs Gautami Raut a champion in Kaabadi. She was invited to take the salute of the parade. After the march past the oath was taken by Parth Patil the school sports captain . This was closely followed by the flag planting ceremony.  The torch was lit by the chief guest and was handed over to the sports captain who ran ahead and handed it over to Harshit Patil a gold medalist in skating who in turn handed it over to Naomi Coutihno the girl's  football team  captain, she in turn handed it over to Christen Shu the captain of the boy's football team and he handed it over to the Akshay Mahajan Kick Boxing champion who finally handed it over to Saloni Gharat who placed it on the torch stand.

Then began the flow of events. There were flat races for girls and boys from classes 5 to 10. There was fun and excitement when the novelty games were on. There were games like obstacle races, jumping jacks, circle of life, camel walk, the three-legged race, picking up the dumbbells and slow cycling. The students enjoyed these fun filled games.

The field came to life with the beautiful drill displays by the various houses and class 10 students . It was indeed a feast to the eye.

Cheers went around for the relays of classes 5 to 10. The field resounded with a thunderous clap as the game of tug of war was organised for class 10 , boys and girls.

The students eagerly looked out for their parents as the call had gone out for them . The parents were quite sporting and enjoyed their games.

Finally all the students were in position for their mass drill which was followed by the prize distribution. Students were happy and proud to receive certificates and medals for their success.  The trophies were given for the best house, best athletes, the best player at football and cricket and the best marching house.

The chief guest addressed the students. While she appreciated their efforts she also told them about the importance of sports. The school head boy, Samuel Kachpile proposed the vote of thanks.

The Sport Day was solemnly brought to a close by the lowering of the school flag and the singing of the school song. It was indeed a memorable day for the students, teachers and parents.

Looking forward to the next Sports Meet.