The LIon King Movie

The Lion King- 1st August 2019
August 1st opened up a new adventure to the Notredamites from Class 1 to 10. Although the morning seemed dull and cloudy, the students of Notre dame were not affected by it. In fact with their buzz smiles and laughter they cleared the skies to a sunny day.
They were all excited about their new adventure trip to a movie “The Lion king” on 1st August 2019, Thursday in Miraj Cinemas, Dattani Square, Bhabola, Vasai.
The primary sections were the first to view it, while the secondary sections were booked for the second show. They enjoyed the movie with the help of the 3D effect glasses. The popcorn was an added treat to make it a perfect movie trip.
The children enjoyed the movie and experienced the adventures and learned values like love, betrayal and forgiveness. One most important thing the movie teaches us is that life is full of challenges but we should not let our worries overcome us. So that’s Hakuna Matata