English Extempore Competition on 20th August 2019

 English Extempore Competition 20th August 2019  

An Extempore is an impromptu speech where the participant is required to deliver on a topic there and then. Classes 8, 9 and 10 had the extempore competition on the 20th August 2019. There were six participants from each year group.

The students spoke eloquently varied topics. They were judged on various criteria’s like content, body language fluency and others. The manner in which the students presented their thoughts was commendable and praise worthy.

They were judged by Mrs. Clementine Pereira and Mrs. Rowena Gracias. Both of them enjoy training students for elocutions and are excellent orators themselves. The judges appreciated and encouraged the participants.

The audience patiently lent their ears to their fellow mates. They too enjoyed the speeches.

The results were declared at the end of the day by the principal who appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers and encouraged more students to participate in such competitions.