013 Cleanliness Drive




Cleanliness Drive 4th October to 9th October 2019

A clean placer Dame School organized a cleanliness drive from the 4th of October to 9th of October 2019 in order to make the students and the neighbourhood aware about the importance of the minimum use of plastic and clean surroundings. To imbibe this spirit, the drive started on the 4th October with a rally by class 6 and 7 students to ban plastic. The rally started at 8:30 am from the school campus to the Holi market and the nearby villages. Innovative placards were made by the students and catchy slogans were recited as they moved through the rally. The rally reached the school by 10 am after which they went around the school campus, making the other classes aware of the plastic ban


On 7th October classes 1 to 5 organized to clean the school campus wherein they cleaned their classrooms, the school grounds, the corridors the library the Art room and the sports room. The excitement of the students was a mixture of enthusiasm, Motivation and a hint of creativity.

On 9th October 2019 classes 8 and 9 organized a cleanliness drive at the Bhuigaon beach. Students stared at 8:30 am from the school and showed enthusiasm in cleaning the beach giving the message “If you can’t clean your surroundings, don’t make it dirty.”

Class 9th girls cleaned the road outside the school till Vasalai. Through the cleanliness drive Notre Dame School tried to enhance the spirit of clean India as they said

“Saaf Ho Sundar ho, Yesa  mera Bharat Desh Ho”.